What Building Inspectors Check For When Doing A Thorough Building Inspection

Building inspections in New Zealand are done in order to do a number of things. For example, commercial buildings are required to periodically submit a report that determines the suitability of a building for use and occupation. A building inspection may also be required prior to buying a home to ensure that there are no hidden or major repairs that are needed to be done.

Areas Included in a Building Inspection

An ordinary building inspection for pre-purchase purposes is often a non-invasive inspection to determine the condition that the building is in. This is often done to determine whether the building is suitable enough for purchase and will not require too much renovation or repair. Building inspectors vary in the services they provide, from inspections using simple tick-box forms to more thorough inspections for more complete reports. These reports identify significant defects, overdue 
maintenance, future maintenance needs, areas of deterioration and other areas for concern.

The following areas are included in a thorough  building inspection Auckland:
--exterior roofing
--roof space
--ancillary spaces and buildings

The inspector will look at the placements of sub floor drainage, pipework, formwork and reinforcements and the ventilation into the subfloor space for timber floors. The inspector will look for any signs of significant defects such as rotting, deterioration in insulation materials, any insect or rodent activity, maintenance requirements, excessive moisture content, mould and mildew and structural integrity. Clients will then be advised of the next steps to solve any identified problem areas.

The inspector also checks if the building is weather tight. Insulation must be in place and internal plumbing must pass pressure tests. The location of electrical fittings are checked, fire resistant linings are checked and all fire and smoke elements are checked and fixed. During the final stage of the inspection, the inspector checks for the installation of smoke alarms for commercial properties. 

Types of Building Inspections

Building inspections can either be verbal or written. During a verbal inspection, the client is present to take notes and photos and listens as the inspector examines each room. Written inspections include a full written report with findings given in a full building reports Auckland format that includes photos and recommendations. This is often a requirement if a third party wants to have a copy of the inspection results.

Building inspectors must be qualified building professionals with ample experience in assessing residential and commercial properties. Choose an inspector who is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors, New Zealand Institute of Architects, or Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand. For those in Auckland looking for companies that provide building inspection reports there are a number of inspection companies that offer this service. Homeowners and commercial space owners can find competent and licensed professionals to conduct building inspections in Auckland and provide them with the reports they need to make sound decisions regarding the repair and maintenance of their real estate properties.