Scenic Flights R44 on the beach
 Paterson Inlet - Rakiura Helicopters Scenic Flight

Paterson Inlet Flight:

Home to 20 islands and 2 rivers Paterson Inlet is Stewart Islands largest inlet! Fly over Ulva Island Native Bird sanctuary with views of the inlet and pristine Big Glory Bay Salmon and Mussel Farms before returning to Halfmoon Bay.
 Masons Bay - Rakiura Helicopters Scenic Flight

Masons Bay Drop-off/Pickup:

An awesome deal! See all the iconic sights of Stewart Island including
Mt Anglem and Ruggedy Range before landing at Masons Bay. Without a doubt the best way to get to the wild west coast before starting your tramp or having a picnic lunch and returning to Halfmoon Bay or Bluff. Ask us about Sunset Flights!

Heli, walk & water taxi-coast to coast

This great experience takes most of the day and can be done by flying into Masons Bay 1st or by getting picked up after the water taxi and walk across. The time of the high tide is essential for the water taxi leg from Halfmoon Bay to the Freshwater Landing. The track between Masons Bay and the Freshwater River landing takes about 4 hours. A reasonable level of fitness is required, also sturdy footwear and bring a rain coat just in case.

The Gutter

At the south end of Masons Bay is a beautiful small sheltered lagoon. Enjoy stepping out onto the white sandy beach for some great photo oppotunities before returning to Halfmoon Bay via the Rakeahua valley.
 Island Heights and Sights - Rakiura Helicopters Stewart Island

Northern Scenic:

Our most popular scenic tour with amazing views of the northern beaches, Ruggedy Range, Mt Anglem, Masons Bay, Paterson Inlet and Halfmoon Bay. Travel the Northwest Circuit Track with all the fun & none of the mud!

Includes Beach-Landings.

 Island Heights and Sights - Rakiura Helicopters Stewart Island

Doughy Boy & Deceit Peaks

Fly up the Rakeahua Valley and experience views of the Tin Range before checking out the windswept rock formations of Deceit Peaks before landing on the remote beach of Dough Boy Bay. Hop out and do a spot of beach combing!

Includes Beach-Landings.

 Gog rocks

Pegasus & The Gogs:

Head south with views of the Tin Range in its entirety, then over the crystal clear waters of Pegasus and all its islands, bays and inlets. Orbit the huge grant peaks of Gog & Magog before a beach landing on one of several of the remotest beaches in New Zealand. Breath taking!

Includes Beach-Landings.
 Rakiura Grand Circuit - Rakiura Helicopters Stewart Island Scenic Flights

Full Island Scenic

The ultimate personalised tour of Stewart Island, “The Land of The Glowing Skies” in its entirety. See the best kept secrets of the island’s 700km of coastline in the comfort of a helicopter. Put your footprints on some of the most remote beaches in New Zealand. A real treat!

Includes TWO Beach-Landings.




Stewart Island Helicopter route map


Stewart Island Base - Fern Gully Heliport - located 151 Main Road, Halfmoon Bay
Bluff Base - Ocean Beach Heliport - located 250 Ocean Beach Road, Bluff
Postal address - 77 Orbell Crescent, RD1, Te Anau 9679
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